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Dr. Lance Goodwin, D.C

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Dr. Lance B. Goodwin grew up in Stilwell, Oklahoma and found interest in Health and Human Performance after participating in many team and individual sports as a child. He chose to begin his chiropractic studies after playing football at Northeastern State University. In 2002 he married Dr. Molly Goodwin and they have been blessed with 4 incredible children Braxton, Braden, Beau and Brynn. 

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Lance follows the philosophy that “the power that made the body, heals the body”. He believes health is most attainable when people are cared for as whole human beings, not as individual parts. He is the go-to Chiropractor in Tulsa, OK. He strives toward one primary goal, and that is helping the body do what is intended, balance itself and heal itself.


Lance attended Northeastern State University and Park College for his undergraduate studies and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri.


After he completed chiropractic college in 1999, Dr. Goodwin did an associateship in Bixby, OK. In 2001 Lance and Molly opened OK Chiropractic & Acupuncture/ Goodwin Chiropractic in Inola and in Catoosa, Oklahoma. For the past 20 years he has continued to provide high quality, affordable chiropractic care to the Tulsa community and surrounding areas.

Dr. Goodwin’s Unique Approach

I use a gentle and effective adjusting technique that is safe for all ages of your family. I know that there is more than one way to care for patients and am not fixated on hearing “cracks” or “pops” for temporary relief. A balanced body with correct alignment leads to improved health and well-being.

2015, 2018, & 2019 Pinnacle Award Top Twenty-Five Outstanding Doctors of America


You will have a 1 on 1 visit with the doctor to discuss your health concerns and the reason for your visit.

After your initial health consultation, we’ll perform a complete & comprehensive chiropractic exam.

A series X-rays may be needed to allow us to clearly determine a proper care plan. X-Rays provide us with an objective diagnostic tool that will show us the position of the spinal bones, as well as the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. We also use X-rays to determine how long a spinal condition has been developing.

Report of Findings
Your report of findings will be scheduled the day after your Initial Consultation. This will allow for your doctor to study your exam findings, at which point we will share the results that we found with you. You may invite anyone in your family to accompany you, if you choose. Your Report of Findings includes a detailed analysis of what you need in order to solve the problem that brought you into our office and what can be done in order to assure that it won’t happen again. We consider your current lifestyle choices, goals for the future and challenges that are standing in your way. This is why our recommendations are extremely comprehensive and have the chance to be the solution that you have been seeking to find.

Our entire staff strives to keep waiting times to a minimum, so we ask that all patients be prompt for their appointments so we can stay on track. Your adjustments will be given by the doctor, then anything else done during that visit will depend on the doctor’s recommendations. Stretching, exercise instruction, or other advice, may be given as part of the doctor’s plan for you. Questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. Knowledge is power.

We consistently update and customize your wellness programs. The foundation for our overall health is based on proper spinal alignment, nutritious foods, regular exercise, high quality supplementation and a variety of stress relief techniques.

chiropractor tulsa ok


chiropractor tulsa ok
Lisa S.
Dr. Goodwin has helped me more than anyone I've tried and manipulation was gentle. Friendly staff and Chiropractor!
chiropractor tulsa ok
Paul M.
Genuinely cares for his patients more than any other doctor I've ever met!!!
chiropractor tulsa ok
Brad S.
I had minor back surgery several years ago. After suffering with pain so severe that I could not even stand straight, I was referred to Dr. Goodwin. Dr. Goodwin would not even touch me until he was certain that he would not cause injury after telling him about my surgery. After a consultation and review of my medical, his staff contacted me for an appointment. After several sessions I was feeling much better and could stand upright. As of today I function without any back pain. Dr. Goodwin and his AMAZING staff have always been able to see me the same day if I am feeling pain. I would recommend Dr. Goodwin without hesitation.
chiropractor tulsa ok
Maria A.
Great bedside manner! Knowledgeable and loves to educate towards health and wellness! Sooo thrilled to have found him and his practice!!!!
chiropractor tulsa ok
Shaun K.
Amazing service and results. I started seeing Dr. Goodwin for back issues. He also treats my sinuses and my seasonal allergies are almost nonexistent now. I highly recommend him to everyone!
chiropractor tulsa ok
Jennifer M.
I never believed in chiropractors till I met Dr Goodwin and he not only helped me walk when other doctors offered no hope but cured migraine I had been suffering from for the last 7yrs. He even helped my 5yr old to be able to run and play pain free after complaining of "growing pains" for over a year. Thank God for Dr Goodwin my family wouldn't be the same without him.
chiropractor tulsa ok
Jason V.
Dr Goodwin was very willing to work with us and our issues. There are seven in my family and we were able to all be seen within minutes!
chiropractor tulsa ok
Dwaynna L.
I was in so much pain during my pregnancy. Dr Goodwin helped me tremendously and made me so much better! Thank you!!!!
chiropractor tulsa ok
Matthew L.
I started visiting Dr. Goodwin with neck and shoulder pain that was bothering me pretty badly, to the point I couldn’t do my daily work. After sticking with my treatment plan I feel great! My family has also started being adjusted and steadily seeing improvements as well. We appreciate your advice & always look forward to our next appointment. Thank you Dr. Goodwin
Kerri Floyd
Kerri Floyd
Best in Tulsa.
Paul Downe
Paul Downe
Great doctors Very professional and polite staff
Martin McCann
Martin McCann
Trying hard not to gush. By the second visit I felt as if I was visiting an old friend. That aside, he is absolutely amazing. Two weeks under his far gentler than expected touch, I feel better than I have in decades. He is beyond skillful, quick to smile, make me smile, and easy to talk to. He won't hesitate to call me on my B.S., I need that. Rachel, the receptionist, is also a delight, helpful and always a pro.
Joy Loehning
Joy Loehning
Dr Goodwin is the Best, and I've had several chiropractors in my life. I was referred to him by family. He is thourogh in that he takes exrays and treats you on the same day. He is not a bone breaker and that comes in great relief especially if your body was broken down like mine. He heals the body, mind and spirit. He is very knowledgeable, is good at his practice and is has a good soul. I highly recommend Dr Goodwin.
Patrick Carter
Patrick Carter
Very attentive . I had a pinched nerve in my lower back and his treatment eliminated the pain. I would definitely recommend him
Austin Brown
Austin Brown
Friendly and informative. I never leave the office wondering what’s going on with my body. Not sure how I’ve went this long without chiropractic care. Would easily recommend to anyone. Works well with my hectic schedule.
Robert Myers
Robert Myers
Got me back to my old self plus some. Does a great job, and the front desk has some really nice folks too.
Kathy McCormick
Kathy McCormick
Dr. Goodwin takes the time to assess your problem and thoroughly explains what is causing your discomfort. Once he knows what is going on with you he makes a treatment plan and works with you to get better.



9:30 am – 12:30 pm
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9:30 am – 12:30 pm
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9:30 am – 12:30 pm
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9:30 am – 12:30 pm
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm





Conditions Treated

Dr. Goodwin uses hands-on manipulation to remove nerve interference and restore the body to its optimal state of health.

He specializes in specific adjustments that are safe and effective for all ages and conditions.

Dr. Goodwin has extensive modern training in diversified, specific prone, upper cervical, and extremity adjustments.

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Dr. Lance Goodwin, D.C
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Chiropractor Tulsa OK

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